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"I wanted to take a moment to say thanks for the discussion on the current Documentation Standards and Template Library. I think you've done a tremendous job with all aspects of this from creating usable, relevant DHA-branded templates to setting up a structured library and your routine efforts to educate and inform others on their use and availability. I appreciate your openness to collaborate on these and your focus on streamlining them. Template standardization, styling and overall structure, including workflow, will continue to improve the overall quality and consistency of formal documentation. This is a critical foundation for ever-maturing organizations, and we truly need to find the medium to expose these benefits and talents within the larger DHA. As we touched upon, the DHA transformation is a work in progress and achieving all our goals may end up being measured by a series of calculated wins. We should act upon the opportunities to evolve this as a DHA capability when they present themselves … and that might present some opportunities to, at a minimum, give these templates a broader exposure. Thanks for all you do with this!"
Tim Seymour, Contractor, Solutions Architect
U.S. Defense Health Agency
San Antonio, Texas

"I’ve always told my employees to use your libraries and templates, but this was the first time I had to draft a document myself. I was so grateful to see the template and instructions in the template that told me exactly what to do. It saved me a lot of time when I was pressed to get it done! Thank you!"
Anthony Haley, Office Lead
U.S. Defense Health Agency
San Antonio, Texas

"I've been working with USMC in Quantico for the last few weeks, and [not] having someone like you here is a major gap for them. After you see something done right, you know what wrong looks like. Maybe wrong is too strong of a word, but I think you understand my meaning."
Scott Ostrum, Contractor, CISSP, Security+,
U.S. Defense Health Agency
San Antonio, Texas

"Ms. Guckian continues to demonstrate initiative and drive in the management of documentation templates and standards. Her work is the de facto standard for the new DHA environment. She has demonstrated great initiative in translating her work for USAMITC in this area to a solution for DHA. She has reached out across the new organization and worked tirelessly to educate and advocate for processes and standards that promote effective documentation and standardization. The quality of Ms. Guckian's work is excellent. The attention to detail combined with the ability to exceed industry standards for through-put are exceptional. Ms. Guckian has been called upon for every high visibility and high priority document required because of her exceptional abilities and efficiency. She continues to deliver quality and productivity that far exceeds both her peers and industry norms. Ms. Guckian's zeal for her work is infectious and exceptionally important at a time of such immense organizational change. She has tirelessly advocated for strong processes in support of documentation standards and provided countless hours of face-to-face training to ensure the organization can move forward together in a standardized fashion. The quality of her work in support of DHA has been outstanding. She is a critical part of the effort to form the identity and processes of the new organization through the use of standard templates and processes. Ms. Guckian has shown great dedication, passion and flexibility in working in this demanding environment."
Albert Dickson, Chief Operations Officer
U.S. Defense Health Agency
San Antonio, Texas

"Thank you for your persistence in helping us to get our messages correct. Your writing and editing skills are perfect for today's social media world. We will certainly use you again."
Michael A. Backler
President, Insolia/HBN Shoe
Salem, New Hampshire

"I didn’t get a chance to visit with you before you left but I wanted to send a note to thank you for all your assistance. You have such a great attitude about things. You also provided great structure around what we are trying to accomplish. You left us in really great shape. Thank you again for all your help."
Mark Rowe, VP Outdoor Accounting
Clear Channel Communications
San Antonio, Texas

"As a direct result of Lou Guckian’s grant research and writing, so far Personal Energy Transportation Texas has received $10,000 from the Shields-Ayres Foundation two years in a row. Lou, you now have a believer in me. Thanks for all your hard work."
Tom Martin, President
Personal Energy Transportation Texas / P.E.T. San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas

"B. Lou Guckian dba FishHook has just completed work for the Campaign to Establish a Department of Peace, a group I represent here in San Antonio. Ms. Guckian wrote a press release for us and distributed it to a wide swath of local media. She worked closely with me and with our National Training Director in Washington, D.C., guiding us through the process of “getting the word out,” keeping in constant touch each step of the way, and then crafting an eloquent piece of writing. I don’t see how Lou could have been more conscientious and thorough nor done a better bit of writing for us. The interest she took in this task broadcasted clearly that her heart was in the assignment and that she was determined to do as good a job as she could, which turned out to be excellent. Lou succeeded at that even though we had her on a tight—too tight—of a deadline.

"If your experience in working with Lou Guckian is like that of the local Department of Peace Campaign, you will not be disappointed."
The Rev. Dr. Phineas A. Washer,
Campaign to Establish a Department of Peace,
Congressional District Coordinator, Bexar County San Antonio, Texas

"Thank you so much for all your work, energy, and most of all, your dedication. As Vice President of PET San Antonio, I know your efforts were a tremendous success, and PET San Antonio is reaping all the benefits of your efforts. On a personal level, I will never be able to express to you how appreciative I am of your patience, not only with me, but also with our organization. For me, this has truly been a learning experience, and another good example to be careful what you wish for.

"Yes, we wanted to tell the story to San Antonio, hoping for volunteers and a little money, and yes, I really thought we were ready and long overdue on both needs. But never did I realize what all went into 'telling the story,' much less how unprepared I was for the surprising results. It has truly been a 'GOD THING' in bringing focus not only to me but also to our organization. With focus comes success, and that is what is happening now.

"We were busy before, and as I look back, busy to be busy. Today, with an onslaught of volunteers and money, we are now focused and busy being successful. Again, thank you, and please know that if there is anything that PET San Antonio or I can ever do for you, we are both as close as your phone. Thank you, again."
Sid Martin, Vice President, PET San Antonio
Helotes, Texas

"Lou Guckian of Fishhook did a wonderful job preparing an eye-catching, response-provoking press release for our Personal Energy Transportation ministry. Her masterful use of words communicated our goals, plans and needs to the targeted media outlets in a way that generated immediate results. Lou was flexible yet forceful, which ensured the completion of the project within the needed timeframe. I would recommend Lou to anyone needing a professional writer. I hope to have the privilege to work with her again on many projects."
Chris Bunch, PET San Antonio Volunteer, IT Research Consultant
San Antonio, Texas

"I was introduced to Lou Guckian by a mutual business friend. I engaged Lou to write and edit internet content. I found her to be a true professional and someone committed to finishing the project on the agreed-upon deadline, even though she had to constantly remind me to provide her with necessary information in order to do so. After the project was successfully completed on time, we engaged Lou to write and edit client spotlights for our quarterly newsletter and produce a marketing brochure."
Steven Bankler, CPA, PFS, Cr.FA
San Antonio, Texas

"Lou has such a gift for writing precise and engaging material that I find her to be a match for many of our assignments. She always meets or beats deadlines."
Sheri Rosen, VP, Employee Communications, Frost
San Antonio, Texas

"Lou Guckian did a tremendous job preparing important press releases for ENTRUST and our new division 'ENTRUST Labs.' Her press release engendered interest in our business and resulted in a featured article in a local business journal. But after the article appeared, I realized that Lou's press release was more informative and better written than the article was! So, now whenever anyone wants to know about ENTRUST Labs I send them a copy of the press release instead of the featured article!"
Mitchell R. Sowards, Consulting Services Manager
ENTRUST Technology Consulting Services
San Antonio, Texas

"Lou, I have really enjoyed working with you. You seem to be able to write in several different styles that meet the needs of our different clients. Whenever we send our clients to you, I know they will be taken care of. Thank you for being so easy to work with."
Tami Benson, Co-Owner, Benson Design Associates Inc.
San Antonio, Texas

"As a fast-growing company, we recognize the importance of having an 'expert writer' to assist all levels of our management team in creating our corporate procedure manuals and newsletters as well as helping to collect historical data of our 60-year old company. This leaves valuable time for management to concentrate on the business of running day-to-day operations. Lou has been very professional and had great input in helping us complete projects in all of these areas that otherwise would still be sitting on our to-do list. Lou is a great asset to any organization."
Sherry Keller, Facilities Director; Pat Egger, VP, CCC Group Inc.
San Antonio, Texas

"We were faced with the task of combining several procedures manuals, all written in differing formats and writing styles. Lou efficiently redesigned and rewrote the manuals and highlighted areas that needed further development. This allows us to focus on the actual procedures, rather than fumbling with structure and syntax. Thanks, Lou!"
Donna Rice, Internal Audit Manager, CCC Group Inc.
San Antonio, Texas

"Lou provided us with quality editing and top-notch service. Her professionalism and expertise exceeded our expectations. We would not hesitate to recommend her services."
Esther Foster, Foster Creative Inc.
San Antonio, Texas

"Lou's suggestions on the layout of our website coupled with the content she wrote for us gave our website a very professional look and feel. Lou did an excellent job of expressing our services. I feel that anyone who visits our website gets a true understanding of what we are about. Thanks for your hard work."
Alicia M. Navarro, Owner, Bookkeeping Solutions of San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas

"Lou turned my real estate website into a great marketing tool that allows me to generate clients, who thanks to Lou's work perfectly understand the business I am in."
Brannon Wood, Realtor
San Antonio, Texas

"Lou, please give my name as a reference to help you obtain more business. Your work is excellent. Thank you."
Rosemary Flores, Owner, Federal Court Reports of San Antonio
San Antonio, Texas

Published Work

"The magazine (Counseling Today) arrived today. Lou Guckian's article (“Fast-tracking recovery”) covers four pages with our ad at the end of it. The article is also listed as the second article under Features on the main page and is mentioned in a bullet point on the cover as ‘Hypnoanalysis as trauma therapy’. I found Ms. Guckian's article to be thorough, accurate and highly readable even though the subject matter was complex. You do good work!"
Sandra Hobson, L.P.C.
Experiential Healing Center
Memphis, Tennessee

"The ACA (American Counseling Association) article by Lou Guckian (“Fast-tracking recovery”) is working for us already; we are getting results. The article stimulated interest by a new member who called me directly to ask about the upcoming conference and further training. A retired military veteran and a retired Methodist pastor now in private practice also called. A therapist in Boston told me she read the article, and we have received other new member applications this past week, which we believe are directly attributable to Lou’s article."
Don Hardy-Holley, L.P.C., L.M.F.T., N.C.C.
Former Chairman, American Academy of Medical Hypnoanalysts
Hardy-Holley Team, Inc.
San Antonio, Texas

"Lou, your article (“Fast-tracking recovery”) is well written and easy to read and understand, and as you know, that is very important for a lay person such as me. I wish you continued success."
Virginia M. Kinney
Workforce Development Specialist
Workforce Solutions - Alamo
San Antonio, Texas

"Lou, I just finished reading your article ("Daddy suffered in silence—Are you next?"). Wow. As you can probably imagine, I found myself in tears. It pains me, much like any other form of abuse, to see this treatment to human beings; actually sickens me. My parents are close to 80 with health problems so a situation like yours is very real to me. Thank you for sharing your painful story so that all of us may be proactive in our approach to finding appropriate and/or, at the very least, adequate care for our family members. I pray that God disturbs us so much so, that we take action to stop the madness of abuse in any shape or form to all human beings."
Elizabeth Martinez
Human Resources Professional
San Antonio, Texas

"I just read your fabulous story on ageism and elder abuse ("Daddy suffered in silence—Are you next?"). Congratulations on a beautifully written, highly moving article. You are talented indeed, and it is an eye opening account."
Andrew Logan
San Antonio, Texas

"I think you make a number of powerful points and weave your own father's story into them beautifully ("Daddy suffered in silence—Are you next?"). It's not easy reading, because it's so painful and widespread, but I feel you have a story to tell."
Jim Comer, Speaker, Author of "When Roles Reverse:
A Guide to Parenting Your Parents" WhenRolesReverse
Austin, Texas

"Lou Guckian writes a fascinating and personal account ("Daddy suffered in silence—Are you next?") of an experience that is affecting millions of Americans. Elder abuse is a little-reported and a little-recognized form of social harm. The one thing certain in life is death. We can go comfortably with dignity, or we can experience a prolonged experience of indignity and maltreatment on the way. This is an important topic of interest to many people. Lou Guckian writes sensitively and with deep knowledge on this important topic."
Mike Brogden, Author
International Policing Expert

"I would certainly like to see your article ("Daddy suffered in silence—Are you next?") published somewhere that will cause it to get some attention. Overall, I think it is a good piece. It covers a topic that needs to be published more often. Of course it has more meaning to me than it might to younger adults because of my age (75) and my recent experience with my father (who died at 85), step-mother (who died at 93 in 2007), brother (who died at 58 in 2007), mother-in-law (who died at 94 in 2002), and father-in-law (who died in 2006 at 98). Fortunately, I cannot recall an instance of elder abuse, at least for which I was aware. Although, my step-mother may have been abused in the years before she died of dehydration in a nursing home. That certainly suggests abuse and neglect by nursing home staff."
Gordon Sanford
San Antonio, Texas

"I first skimmed the article ("Daddy suffered in silence—Are you next?") and found it hard-hitting, direct and eye-opening. It provides a separate and unique perspective from what you normally see in similar subject matter. The 'first person' approach is a cleaner fit and allows the reader to enter the realm of the individual living the experience. With the substantive research material backing the piece, the professional yet personal approach keeps the focus in perspective. I like what I read and, more importantly, what it says."
Patrick and Judy Guckian, Accredited Marine Surveyor/Proprietors
Aquarius Marine Systems
Port St. Lucie, Florida

"I just read your article ("Daddy suffered in silence—Are you next?"). WOW! First, let me say, you are truly a gifted writer. I loved hearing your voice in the story and am heartbroken to understand the circumstances surrounding your sweet father's death. I can only imagine how difficult that was for you. Second, I am grateful to you for writing the article. It has so much substance to it and seems relevant to everyone in America (from my very limited experience). I feel certain that you will hear positive feedback soon and will be published in the near future. I also love that you included the sidebar information. The whole time I was reading the article I was thinking 'What would I do?' and 'How could I do this differently?' Thanks for trusting me with your hard work."
Kristin Ruffin, Teacher
San Antonio, Texas

"I read your article ("Daddy suffered in silence—Are you next?") and it is professional, passionate and profound. Congratulations and good luck with the publishing aspect of it."
Jim Fagan, Executive Director,
Research and Development Associates
Military Food Services
San Antonio, Texas

"B. Lou Guckian is a gifted, motivated writer and editor, a combination of pragmatic skill and a highly developed artistic flare. Her work is excellent by definition."
Author Lou Reyes
San Antonio, Texas