Writing Samples

Eugene Guckian, 81, holds a great-granddaughter, Soleil

Prior to becoming a nationally published, independent writer,
B. Lou Guckian worked for 25 years as a communications
professional in a diverse range of industries and settings and
launched a family-owned barbecue sauce business. All this she
brings to the writing she personally pursues and to her
clients' unique projects.

Lou has published more than 175 articles in corporate magazines, major daily and weekly newspapers, business journals and
business magazines.  In addition to her support of business and nonprofits, on Louís horizon is to regularly publish persuasive
stories in prominent media and to author inspirational creative nonfiction.

                    Eugene Guckian, 81, holds a great-granddaughter, Soleil, 2,
                   in this picture taken in May 2004 on his back porch. See
                   related article. (Photo by B. Lou Guckian)


Lou has a knack for articulating complex concepts in unmistakably
clear language. She supports a variety of business and technical
applications as well as the needs of nonprofits. Lou tells
compelling stories from unique viewpoints. She produces content for
clients' special projects on time and on budget, including for
employee and customer communications, marketing, PR and websites,
for operations, logistics, training and other projects. Particular
specialties are:

  • Brand ID and Development
  • Emotional Appeals
  • Preparing Nonprofits for Grant Donor Research and Grant Writing
  • Transforming Technical Information into User-Friendly Documentation
  • Website Content and Organization

Special Human Interests

Louís forte is bringing imagination and emotions to life in print,
whether in compelling grant submissions, moving public relations
and marketing materials, or bringing to light the plight of the
underserved and marginalized. Lou is particularly interested in
elders, the homeless, and American Indians and other groups who live
in neglect, abuse, addiction or oppression.

If you do not see the type and style of writing you are interested
in within these few samples, please to discuss your interests.